Techne® Aluminium Flexi-block and beads

The new Techne® Flexi-block accessory is ideal for heating samples stored in 0.2ml, 0.5ml, 2.0ml and 5.0ml micro tubes, as well as any diameter test-tube, vial or cuvette. Flexi-blocks are available in 2 sizes; double-width (for 2-block heaters) or triple-width (for 3-block heaters). Unskirted PCR plates can be heated in either Flexi-block, although SKIRTED microtitre plates, deep-well plates and PCR plates can only be incubated in the triple-width version.

Manufactured from high density ceramic, the autoclaveable beads exhibit high mechanical strength and are an excellent thermal transfer medium. The beads are supplied with Flexi-blocks as standard.

The Techne® Flexi-block brings a new dimension to Dri-block® heating applications. The nature of Flexi-block beads ensures that almost any vessel can be incubated from ambient to 200°C, regardless of size, shape or material.

Compatible with any 2 or 3-block Techne® Dri-block® heater (sold separately).

Ordering information

Product code Description Size DWH (mm)
FLEXI2 Flexi-block, double-width. Heats tubes, vials and unskirted plates. Beads included 95 x 150 x 50
FLEXI3 Flexi-block, triple-width. Heats tubes, vials and skirted plates. Beads included 95 x 225 x 50
FTCOOLBE NoICE replacement ceramic beads * 1 bag 1.7 Kg

* Ceramic beads are supplied as standard with FLEXI2 and FLEXI3. Beads can be cleaned with mild laboratory detergent and are autoclaveable. If replacement beads are required, 1 pack is enough to fill either Flexi-block.

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