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NEW Techne in situ Hybridisation Adapter

The established Prime range of thermal cyclers now has increased flexibility with the addition of a new in situ hybridisation option. The in situ adapter can be used to convert a Prime or PrimeG gradient thermal cycler to an in situ instrument as simply as inserting a PCR plate. With uniform block homogeneity, the in situ adapter accommodates up to 4 standard size microscope slides with thermal transfer effectiveness similar to that of a PCR plate.

For 96-well PCR machine owners wanting to run in situ hybridisation, it is usually necessary to purchase an additional thermal cycler or new thermal block at significant expense. The Techne in situ adapter offers the quickest and most economical solution, providing increased thermal cycler flexibility and enhanced user experience. The in situ adapter can be purchased at any time, upgrading new or existing thermal cyclers.

The in situ adapter is a single piece of machined aluminium and apart from regular cleaning with water and a mild laboratory cleaning detergent, is completely maintenance free. The design allows easy removal of glass slides via the corner cut-outs. The aluminium perimeter ridge is a further design feature which allows the thermal cycler lid to be closed without risking damage to glass slides and PCR samples.


Compatible thermal cycler 96 x 0.2ml thermal cycler
Sample capacity 4 glass slides 75 x 25 mm (3 inch x 1 inch)
Temperature range 0°C to 100°C
Dimensions (w x d x h) 115 x 80 x 16 mm
Adapter accuracy @ 55°C ±0.2°C
Adapter uniformity @ 55°C ±0.25°C
Material Aluminium, 1 piece
Weight 150 g
Country of manufacture UK
Warranty 2 years

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PRIME / ISHA Techne in situ hybridisation adapter

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