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Tube Holder Rocking Platform Static Shelf

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Hybridisation Incubator Accessories

Tube holders

Tube holders with clips, available to carry 16 x 15ml or 8 x 50ml tubes. Ideal for higher throughput of smaller samples.

Selectable speed rocking platform

It sits neatly in the base of the unit while still allowing a number of hybridisation tubes to be placed above. Made from stainless steel, the rocking platform enables membranes to be processed using a wave motion. Speed range of 0 to 60 oscillations per minute.

Static shelf

Up to 2 (Hybrigene HB-3D) or 3 (Hybridiser HB-1D) static stainless steel mesh shelves can be placed into the tube locators allowing the unit to be used as a simple non-motion incubator. Each shelf can hold up to 4kg.

Membrane separators

Strong, re-usable porous mesh sheets for placing between membranes to ensure even hybridisation when processing multiple hybridisation membranes in one tube. Available in packs of 5 (20 x 20cm).

Hybridisation tube rack

Useful storage facility for tubes during membrane loading or when not in use. Carries up to 3 large and 3 small tubes.

Ordering Information

Description HB-3D Hybrigene HB-1D Hybridiser
Tube carrier with clips to hold 16 x 15ml tubes F15ML4TH F15ML1TH
Tube carrier with clips to hold 8 x 50ml tubes F50ML4TH F50ML1TH
*Tube carrier with clips to hold 4 x mini 32mm tubes FHB61 FHB43
Rocking platform 0-60opm FHB4PLAT FHB1PLAT
Stainless steel mesh shelf FHB4SH1 FHBSH1

*FHB41 glass tubes require this mini tube carrier.

Description Product Code
Membrane separators 20 x 20cm (pack of 5) FMEM2020
HTH-1 tube rack holder FHTRACK
Hybrigene incubator wall fixing kit FHB4WALL
Complete kit for stacking 3 Hybrigene units FHB4DKIT
Hybrigene incubator stacking kit (secures two units) FHB4DSTK

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