FC-200 FC-500

Flow Coolers

The Techne® Flow Coolers work in conjunction with a Techne® thermoregulator. The bath liquid flows through the unit which continually extracts heat from the bath fluid by means of the heat exchanger which is built into the unit.

Techne® Flow coolers are designed for use when temperatures down to -35°C are required.

• Two models
• Compact refrigeration units for achieving temperatures down to -35°C (using Techne low-temp oil)
• Designed for use with Techne liquid baths

Technical Specification

Cooling (at 20°C ambient) FC-200 FC-500
Minimum achievable temperature -20°C -35°C
Cooling capacity: 20°C 140W 210W
Cooling capacity: 0°C 140W 210W
Cooling capacity: -10°C 110W 200W
Internal capacity 200ml 200ml
Nominal dimensions width (mm) 235 370
Nominal dimensions length (mm) 420 430
Nominal dimensions height (mm) 300 325

Ordering Information

Product Code Description
FFC2D FC-200 flow cooler, -20°C (230V)
FFC2P FC-200 flow cooler, -20°C (115V)
FFC5D FC-500 flow cooler, -35°C (230V)
FFC5P FC-500 flow cooler, -35°C (115V)

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