Cole-Parmers brands exhibit newest products at the 34th ARABLAB

12th April 2017 Cole-Parmer's brands Stuart, Electrothermal, Jenway, Techne and PCRmax, recently exhibited their newest products at the 34th ARABLAB in Dubai. The show was a great success as it enabled Cole-Parmer's brands to meet buyers from the growth markets in the Middle East, China and Asia. With almost 1,000 exhibitors from over 100 countries, the trade show continues to grow year on year to establish itself as one of the world's leading events for the analytical industry.

Launched this March, the 7205 visible scanning spectrophotometer is the newest addition to Jenway's comprehensive range of equipment and was on display at ARABLAB. The 7205 is designed for fast and easy use in analytical chemistry, routine analysis and education laboratories. Its broad wavelength range of 335nm to 198nm, to include the UV area of the spectrum, means that it is suitable for a variety of applications.

Also exhibited at ARABLAB was Stuart's SMP50 automatic melting point system. The SMP50 combines high-resolution video technology with an intelligent melt algorithm to determine simultaneously and automatically the melting point of up to three samples. Simple, compact and user-friendly, the SMP50 unit is suitable for labs of all sizes, providing accurate and reliable results to save valuable time.

Visitors to the show will have also seen PCRmax's Alpha Cycler 2 (AC2) on display. Condensing two truly independent blocks into one compact system, the AC2 provides flexible and cost-effective DNA analysis with multi-user functionality. Its unique reporting and diagnostic function, which assesses runs and programmes remotely via a QR code system and the Alpha track app, makes the AC2 unlike any other PCR machine on the market.

Cole-Parmer recently took over the distribution of Argos Technologies' products in the EMEA region, and a wide range of these products were exhibited at ARABLAB, from molecular and cell biology-related research products to storage and cryo-storage equipment.

"ARABLAB was a very successful show for us, bringing all the Cole-Parmer brands together" said Jeremy Lea, Commercial leader, Cole-Parmer. "The exhibition continues to grow each year, and always provides us with an invaluable platform with which to showcase our newest products and share our expertise with visitors"
Arablab 2017