The revolutionary new Prime Pro 48 from Techne® offers enhanced qPCR performance whilst maintaining ease of use for a wide range of applications

Bibby Scientific Ltd announced today that Techne®, a leading UK manufacturer of laboratory benchtop equipment, has launched its revolutionary new qPCR system, the Prime Pro 48. The new system offers greater accuracy and higher quality data for a variety of applications, setting novel standards of performance, simplicity and versatility. The Prime Pro 48 has 400 associated qPCR detection kits, which cover a wide range of application areas including clinical, veterinary, food, and biohazard testing.

Techne's Prime Pro 48 uses an economical 48-well PCR plate, which is simple and fast to set up. The smaller plate size and patented block technology deliver the highest thermal uniformity of any block-based qPCR system on the market, providing more consistent, higher-quality data. This means researchers can use duplicates rather than triplicates, which increases throughput, saves money and reduces waste of precious DNA template.

The Prime Pro 48 is highly sensitive, allowing detection down to a single copy number, and supports 4 colour multiplex reactions for greater efficiency. It has an extremely fast ramp rate and shorter cycling time, making it quicker to complete a run. Scientists can be confident in the quality of the Prime Pro instrument as it conforms to MIQE guidelines and has been shown to reliably produce publication quality data. The software supplied with the Prime Pro 48 is easy to use and includes high resolution melting (HRM) as standard.

"Scientists require a small, economically-priced qPCR machine that will perform consistently from well-to-well, run-to-run and machine-to-machine, to produce highly accurate and reliable data," said Jim Bratherton, Techne Product Manager at Bibby Scientific. "Our new Prime Pro 48 will enable researchers to produce data they can trust to publish, quickly and simply."

The Prime Pro detection kits are designed and manufactured to work with the Prime Pro 48 and all other qPCR machines. The kits are lyophilised so they can be shipped without dry ice, which can be a great advantage for international shipping and for product shelf life. The large 150 reaction pack size offers scientists around the world savings of up to 30%.

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