TC-PLUS Satellite and Workbench software released

Techne are pleased to announce the release of the new TC-Plus thermal cycler satellite unit, together with the Workbench PC-mounted software that allows remote operation of Satellites not controlled from a TC-PLUS Server model. This release completes the full availability of the TC-PLUS range, and provides an economical choice for the laboratory that needs the speed and accuracy of the TC-PLUS performance with the high throughput of a networked multiple thermal cycler facility.

The TC-PLUS thermal cycler server unit can operate up to nine Satellites via USB links and hubs, as well as running its own stand-alone programs. The availability of the separate Workbench software now means that up to nine TC-PLUS Satellites can be operated directly from a PC or laptop computer, using USB communication. Full programming capability, creation and storage of run logs, and monitoring of all satellite units during operation is possible via the Workbench interface. The stand-alone Workbench software also has the same PCR primer Tm and gradient temperature calculation options as the TC-PLUS Server unit's own operating software.
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TC-PLUS Satellite with Laptop control