Techne accelerates sample concentration

The Techne® Sample Concentrator, used with one of the company's Dri-Block® heaters, provides fast solvent or diluent evaporation with no sample loss. The height-adjustable head of the Concentrator delivers a flow of inert gas which removes evaporated solvent from the surface of solutions in tubes or 96-well plates.

Traditional methods of reducing the volume of solvent or diluent can take many hours, requiring the use of centrifugation, vacuum, heat and expensive cold traps, while also causing sample loss. By combining heat from below with a flow of inert gas to the liquid surface, the Techne® Sample Concentrator and Dri-Block® heater have been shown to provide fast, easy solvent evaporation with no loss of sample quality or quantity.*

The Concentrator features a unique patented gas chamber mounted on a fully adjustable stand for accurate height control. Inert gas, usually nitrogen, is directed onto the sample surface via a set of high quality stainless steel needles positioned in a silicon matrix according to the required spacing. Any sample format can be accommodated as the Concentrator is available in two models: one for 0.2 ml micro centrifuge tubes, test tubes, boiling tubes, cuvettes and other small containers, and one for 96-well plates and deep well storage plates.

According to Chris O'Connor, CEO, Bibby Scientific, `The Techne® Sample Concentrator plus DB-3 Dri-Block® heater provides a highly versatile set-up which can be used with any sample format, inside or outside a fume hood. There are many applications for the Sample Concentrator in biological science and chemistry laboratories - such as drug screening, hormone assays and chromatographic analysis -as well as in industrial settings where it is important to remove solvents or increase the concentration of samples.

Two areas which will particularly benefit are combinatorial chemistry where users can concentrate compounds directly in standard 96-well storage plates, and microarrays which require a high sample concentration of RNA, DNA or protein.'

The Techne® Sample Concentrator is supplied with a 3-year warranty and can be used with either a nitrogen generator or gas cylinder. The lightweight, compact unit can easily be placed in a fume cupboard when toxic solvents are being evaporated, and PTFE-coated needles are available for use with corrosive chemicals.

* Application Note A04-001B, available from

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