Wide range of PCR applications for Techne thermal cyclers

Bibby Scientific now offers a wide choice of Techne® thermal cyclers, from 25-well personal cyclers to 384-well high throughput units, all of which are fully licenced for worldwide PCR use.

The TC-3000, unrivalled as the most reliable, low-cost personal cycler, is now joined by the TC-3000X, offering extra capacity within the same small footprint, and the TC-3000G gradient thermal cycler. By accommodating up to 48 tubes, these latest additions to the Techne range effectively bridge the gap between the smallest personal cyclers and full-sized 96-well and 384-well units.

For high performance, high sample throughput, the user-friendly TC-412 with fully interchangeable block system and the TC-512 gradient provide all the functionality required for many PCR applications. In addition, any 32 Techne thermal cyclers can be linked together and controlled by a single PC using Gensoft, Techne's free downloadable cycler software.

Chris O'Connor, CEO, Bibby Scientific, commented, "As a world leader in the manufacture of temperature control equipment for over 50 years, Techne has a proven track record for robust, reliable thermal cyclers which provide reproducible DNA amplification. With a worldwide licence for use in PCR applications, Techne thermal cyclers are ideally suited to life science research and development in all applied fields (except human in vitro diagnostics), as well as work in animal diagnostics, food testing and the pharmaceutical industries."

Purchase of this instrument conveys a limited non-transferable immunity from suit for the purchaser's own internal research and development and applied fields other than human in vitro diagnostics under non-real-time thermal cycler patents of Applied Biosystems LLC.

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