Sample Concentrator FAQs

Q: What gases can be used with the Techne Sample Concentrator?

A: Techne recommend the use of inert gases with the Sample Concentrator, with nitrogen being the most commonly used. Reactive gases such as oxygen should not be used as it can react with the solvent or chemical to produce hazardous or inflammable products.

Q: Our sample concentrator seems to be using nitrogen at a faster rate than previously, what is causing this?

A: The silicone mat of the Sample Concentrator has the ability to reseal once a needle is removed from the matrix, thus preventing the escape of the gas. Eventually after significant usage and repeated removal and insertion of the needles the effectiveness of the membrane to reseal deteriorates. Simply replacing the old mat with a new one (part code 6101604) will eliminate the problem.

Q: Is it possible to purchase PTFE coated needles for the Sample Concentrator?

A: Yes, as for the standard steel needles PTFE-coated needles are available in two lengths (100 needles per pack):

Length Part Code
76mm FSC4NCS
127mm FSC4NCL

Q: What is the difference between FSC400D and FSC496D?

A: The FSC400D is designed for use with various tubes and vials whereas the FSC496D is specifically for use with standard 96-well plates and ensures the accuracy of the needle placement.

Q: Can the 96-well head be used on the same unit as the standard head?

A: Yes, both heads can be interchanged as required simply by disconnecting the gas tubing and loosening the knob/screw which secures the head in place.