Hybridisation Incubator FAQs

Q: Is it still possible to purchase the rocking platform for the Hybrigene hybridisation incubator?

A: Yes, the old part numbers FHB4ST1 and FHB4ST2 have been replaced by a single platform with part code FHB4/PLAT. The part code for the HB-1D platform is FHB1/PLAT.

Q: How is the rocking platform installed into the HB-1D?

A: The FHB1/PLAT kit consists of a stainless steel tray, a cam and an M3 stainless steel screw with wedge lock patch. A small pozi-drive screwdriver and 6mm-7mm open-ended spanner are required to fit the platform. First ensure that the HB-1D is switched off and remove any tubes from the bottom positions. Assemble the cam onto the drive shaft with the tapped M3 hole. It is the lowest shaft sitting at the front of the HB-1D. When tightening the M3 screw prevent the shaft from rotating by using the 7mm spanner. Gently manipulate the stainless steel tray to engage with the cam profile. The cam follower must fit into the cam raceway. The bent metalwork must fit around the outside of the cam.