Dip and Flow Cooler FAQs

Q: What is the difference between the Dip Cooler and Flow Cooler?

A: The dip cooler has a coil filled with refrigerant which sits in the water bath next to the thermoregulator, through a hole in the bridge plate. With the flow cooler, the liquid in the bath itself is circulated by the thermoregulator through the cooler, which has a reservoir inside. The liquid is cooled inside the unit and passed back to the water bath. Neither of these units have their own temperature control; this is provided by the thermoregulator which, at the same time, heats the liquid in the bath to maintain the set temperature. The dip cooler fits in the bridging plate and does not interfere with the lid which then covers the rest of the bath.

The dip cooler is the best option for most customers as this just sits in the corner of the container and constantly cools; the thermoregulator then controls the actual temperature. The customer's application may pose two different problems. Firstly the volume; if the volume is greater than 48 litres then we cannot guarantee the cooling performance. If the volume is towards 48 litres then we would recommend using the RU-500 Dip Cooler to give more umph, for want of a better technical word!